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The high-performance parts and modification business requires the ultimate in experience and knowledge on the part of the service provider in order to ensure that your money is well-spent and the results will completely satisfy you. There are so many parts that are similar but not compatible, and the combination of all parts and modifications must be tailored exclusively to your car and how you will use and enjoy it. You must not listen to what everyone says and what is written in magazines and on the Web. They will not guarantee the success of your project. WE WILL! Call me for an appointment.


With more than 40 years of success building championship-winning race engines and responsive performance engines, our shop will take care of your engine project from oil pan to carburetor, and we guarantee a big smile on your face when you hit the gas pedal!!

If you want you muscle car to have more "go" than "show", then it needs to be SuperTuned. My experience tuning all the original muscle cars back in the sixties and seventies for maximum performance on the street and the strip will enable me to professionally rework your distributor, ignition system, carburetion and valve lash as required to deliver the most punch where you want it. And by the way, if your muscle car was originally sold in or around Montreal, then there is a fair chance that I might have tuned it more 35 years ago.


If you want to give your muscle car more punch, offer it some SuperTuning. My experience in performance modification on all makes of muscle cars during the 60s and 70s means I have the qualifications to modify components like the ignition system, distributor, carburetor and valve adjustments on your beloved car. In fact, if your car was driving the streets of Montreal during that era, chances are I've already worked on it!

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