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John Scotti Project Cars

4550 Métropolitain Est
Montréal (Québec)  H1S 3A8

Toll-Free: 1 877 526-7692

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Project Cars for Sale

John Scotti Automotive carries a large selection of project cars which are over 20 years old, and which require mechanical work or new parts in order to be restored to running condition. Car and mechanics enthusiasts who want to undertake restorations of classic cars will find all the primary materials they need at our facility in Montréal, located at 4550 Métropolitain Est. What our vehicles need, for their part, is simply some TLC and elbow grease!

Rest assured that we give you the straight story about the mechanical condition of each of our project cars. In many cases the vehicle has been slightly damaged and not accidented, and is in need of a tune-up and some restoration, or else has a few parts or components missing, like a transmission for example. It goes without saying that these vehicles are substantially less expensive, and are perfect for handy people and those with a moderate knowledge of car mechanics.

For answers to your questions about our project models, contact us online or by telephone at .

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Last Modification Date: 12/16/2014


1982 Ferrari BB512 Koenig Special Vin 35101 Carb Version

(Stock P7997)

1982 Ferrari BB512 Koenig Special Vin 35101 Carb Version

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