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AC Cobra COB6127 Contact John Scotti 1967 d'occasion à vendre


(version française non-disponible)

Originally intended as a gift to AC Chairman William Hurlock COB6127 was the last of the Cobra roadsters to have left the Thames Ditton workshop. The vehicle was instead delivered unfinished to Ian Richardson of Hills garage
as a right-hand drive rolling chassis (Date of Delivery 7/15/68). Remarkably craftsmen and mechanics from the retired AC workshop finished the carpeting, dashboard, heater, and motor, etc at Richardson's garage. The choice of engine was a 289 Ford engine which he used in various racing series. Later, the engine was stroked to 327 CID, to accommodate the increase in power the Cobra was fitted with a hood scoop, Rollbar, and widened flares. Winning a Silverstone Sprint Championship and a Challenge Trophy Mr. Richardson saw great success in his two year racing period. After setting 4 lap records at various tracks the vehicle was then converted back for street use. The race engine was removed and exterior fittings were also removed to make the vehicle more suitable for the road.

COB6127 saw two different owners in the early 70s. Second owner George Morton purchased and plated (TMY 53M) the Cobra with only 1800 miles from Richardson. In 1973 Maurice Saatchi then owned the vehicle for a period of 17 years for private use. During his ownership period, COB6127 underwent a complete bare metal restoration(1987). Two characteristics that COB6127 holds today were executed during this restoration. Repainted in dark blue the Cobra was more importantly fitted with a Holman and Moody 427 cu in from the GT40 program.

RM Sothebys, Monte Carlo 1990, COB6127 is presented and sold to Ed Hubbard. Hubbard shipped the vehicle to his United States home where he performed the vehicle's conversion to left-hand drive. Hubbard than sold the vehicle to Michale Douglas in 1993 who offered it for sale later that year at the SAAC18 convention. The vehicle was however offered with white side pipes, webbers, competition fuel cap and black leather interior. Only a year later COB6127 reappeared to the market by Peter Klutte from Legendary Motors. Klutte sold the vehicle to John Scotti Classic who then sold it to a Canadian Private Collector. For unknown reasons, the collection dissolved leading John Scotti to repurchased COB6127.

Price: $ 1,299, 999 USD

For more information please contact John Scotti directly on his Cellphone 514-978-2366 or by email at Johnscotti@Johnscotti.com

Garantie :
Classe D : Aucune garantie

AC Cobra COB6127 Contact John Scotti 1967

Prix : 1 299 995 $

Kilométrage : n.d.

Transmission :

Entraînement : n.d.


Catégorie : Passager

Type :

Portes : n.d.

Places assises : n.d.


Extérieure : n.d.

Intérieure : n.d.


Cylindrée : n.d.

Cylindres : n.d.

Carburant : n.d.

No d'inventaire :

Vous trouverez ce véhicule chez :

John Scotti Classic Cars
7905 Boulevard Provencher

Tél.: 1 877 479-4525

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