• Prix : 175 636 $ US
  • Transmission : Manuelle
  • Kilométrage : 19 km
  • # d'inventaire : MOD-P15676


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  • Extérieur : Snake Skin Green
  • Intérieur : Noir



It's difficult to imagine gigantic automotive manufactures like Chrysler looking at their futures with uncertainty, but in 1988 that's exactly what was happening. Despite surviving near-bankruptcy a few years prior, Chrysler was still struggling in sales in comparison to their competition, Ford and Chevy.  What the company's Executive VP Bob Lutz knew he needed was a game changer, something that would redefine the sports car permanently. In 1989 the first Dodge Viper prototype was tested and by January 1992 it went on sale as the RT/10 Roadster. There's no hiding that the Viper development team was heavily influenced by the infamous Shelby Cobra, they even went as far as employing Carrol Shelby himself to consult the development. Like the Cobra, the Viper was designed to be boisterous, ostentatious and very very fast. Notoriously stripped of all frills, the first Vipers were bare bones sports cars, doing away with anything that didn't make the car faster, such as door handles, traction control or air conditioning. As time would tell the Viper not only redefined the framework for sports cars but became ingrained into the culture as an essential player in the game. Part of the Viper’s success was the ability to meet the demands of their clientele. As years passed the designers at Viper continued to dial up the aesthetic ferocity while the engineers focused on turning up the performance while simultaneously making it progressively more manageable. 25 years later, as the Viper reached the end of its production run, a culmination of excellence manifested itself in the form the 2017 Snakeskin Edition GTC. Limited to just 25 units, this ultra-exclusive model is as thrilling to look at as it is to drive. 


Despite the aggressive exterior, upon getting inside the vehicle the driver finds all the creature comforts one expects from an elite car made in 2017. Some of the features include power-adjustable pedals, 6-way adjustable seating, 12 speaker high-performance audio, air conditioning and an 8.4” touch-sensitive navigation screen. Leather and Alcantara accents are frequently used to give the driver a feeling of comfort. Driven for only 10 miles (16km) from new and never privately titled this car is the ultimate low-mileage example of this model and the interior shows absolutely no signs of wear.


Finished in a pristine and signatory Snakeskin Green with snakeskin pattern SRT stripe this car pays a beautiful tribute to the 2010 Snakeskin edition while pushing the brand forward with ferocity. With a loud, wild and never understated body styling the 2017 Dodge Viper defines the true American sports car. A legend among legends and this iconic model will continue to intrigue and inspire for generations to come.


All of the wild exterior charisma is backed up in a serious way under the hood. The massive 8.4L V10 kicks out 645hp and is capable of 0-60mph in 3.3 seconds with a top speed of 206mph. In a world of PDK double clutches, flappy paddle F1 gearboxes and intelligent steering systems, the Viper gives the driver a refreshing old-school taste. All of the power and performance are fed to the rear wheels through a 6-speed manual gearbox that is as tight and responsive as anything else on the market today. With only 10 miles (16km) on the odometer the car performs as brand new and has no mechanical issues whatsoever. The Viper also meets the Department of Transportation EPA regulations (OBD II).


Now that Viper has ceased production one can look back on the Snakeskin Edition GTC as a fitting send-off to one of the most fearsome American cars ever built. Ending its 25-year production run with this reptilian rocket ship certainly seems to be a dynamic finish to a compelling evolution lasting two and a half decades. The Viper will certainly go down in history as a Mopar flagship and this limited edition 2017 Snakeskin Edition GTC will undoubtedly become a highly sought after collector car.